Our Mission

ganicwater® – more than a thirst quencher!

Water, which not
only quenches your thirst!


A good supply of vitamins to the body cells plays an important role in our health.
We must take them in regularly and in sufficient quantities through a healthy diet.

Many people find it difficult to have an optimal supply of fluids and
vitamins in their everyday life – often due to time constraints. It is important to support
the daily supply of vitamins.





Our mission

With passion
for your health!


The ganic® brand was born in 2007 from a study idea. One of the founders was also one of the people behind the well-known bag brand “George, Gina & Lucy”, which has been bringing bags to boutique counters throughout Europe since 2004. Especially in the fashion and apparel sector, water is of course present everywhere, so why not launch your own lifestyle product? A few thoughts later, the first flavours such as Cranberry Pearl, Aloe Infusion and Smooth Ginger emerge.


Since the beginning of 2009, ganic® is available in 15 different flavours in hotels, beauty stores and boutiques. The name ganic- derives from “organic” (from the English word “natural”) – which again emphasizes the character of the product.


In 2011 MBG International Premium Brands GmbH took over the distribution rights for the brand ganic® vitaminwater. Since then, ganic® focuses on three essential flavours – beauty, sport and wake up.


Since 2016, the exiting range of flavour varieties has been strengthened by the flavour ganic® pineapple – kiwi. The refreshing taste of tropical fruits rounds off our exciting range of tastes.


2022 was probably the most exciting year for ganic® vitaminwater so far. Not only did the bottles get a new look, there was also a tour sponsorship from the most successful rapper in Germany – Apache 207 – and the existing product range was expanded with another product: ganic® watermelon mint.

pineapple kiwi to the drink
wild plum to the drink
grape acia to the drink
mango citrus to the drink
watermelon mint to the drink

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