The vitamin guide!

Here you can find out everything about important vitamins that we should definitely take.

Drink enough!

We know that water is really important for our health. Most of the time, however, we find it difficult to drink enough because the taste of water becomes monotonous in the long run. ganicwater® brings variety to your everyday life and supports you in meeting your fluid needs. shop now

Fit for your everyday life


Water in the morning

To start fit into the day, you should drink a large amount of water in the morning. Just put your favourite ganicwater® next to your bed for the right vitamin boost when you get up.


Perceive warning signals

Knowing your own body is very important because it sends you important warning signals. Fatigue, headaches, and concentration problems are clear warning signs of dehydration that you should counteract immediately.


Large water glasses

A simple tip, but very effective! Use large water glasses, so you will automatically drink more.


Develop rituals

For example, drink a glass of water to every cup of coffee or tea you drink. This is how you automatically consume more fluids.


Keep water handy
If you feel thirsty, you have already been drinking too little. Whether in your backpack, handbag, or training bag, ganicwater® is easily stowed away with its high-quality 0.5l PET bottle.


Use apps
Instead of an alarm clock, you can use special apps for smartphones and smartwatches that regularly remind you to drink.

*acc. deutscher Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V.

Tips for your home office

Correct drinking gives energy, concentration and a good staying power. ganicwater® also supports you during home office periods and offers you an alternative to water.

Set up the workplace
An orderly atmosphere is important when working from home. The best way to do this is to set up a permanent workplace leaving a signal that people are working here. After all, on the couch, in bed and in front of the television you should relax.


Establish a routine
A regulated process helps to start the working day and to focus. These include appropriate clothing and fixed working hours. Make a solid plan for when to start working, when to take breaks, and when to stop working.


Communication in home office can be versatile: calls, emails, video chats via teams or zoom as well as instant messaging services. Find out which is the ideal way for you to stay in personal contact with colleagues.


To-do lists
Make a list of the most important to-dos for each day. Which projects are acute and what has already been done? Important projects should be tackled before the routine tasks.


Breaks should also be observed in the home office and are important. Get some fresh air or change rooms. A healthy lunch can also help get your head back on track.


Try to avoid any distractions while working at home.

The private cell phone is only used during the breaks. Laundry and cleaning are done after work or during the breaks. Having your own separate work spot can help you concentrate completely on your work.


Exercise and fresh air
… invigorate body and mind. From time to time let some fresh air in and even if a walk in the lunch break is not an option – a short walk to the kitchen or a little stretching exercise also contribute to well-being and a better concentration.

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